When you type “I am so bored” into google because the teacher is taking FOREVER to hand out one paper and you type in your thoughts into google using your phone.
You: I am so bored so I will type “I am so bored” into google and see what I find
by AgileToaster March 7, 2022
types in: I AM SO BORED
Thinks to self: I AM SOOOO BORED ima watch youtube
by Snow/Ruby June 3, 2021
When you are so fucking bored that you type in "I am so fucking bored" and see this stupid definition which occupies you for about 10 seconds until you are fucking bored again.
You: "I am so fucking bored I think I am going to type in "I am so fucking bored" in google to see if there is anything interesting I can do so I can stop being so fucking bored"

*Sees urban dictionary definition.*

You: "Lol that is kind of fucking funny because I am so fucking bored that I am kind of thinking about that."

*10 seconds later*

You: "Wow I am so fucking bored still."
by Soooooo fucking bored August 11, 2011
idk but you were bored enough to actually search this.
why am i so bored.
by Skelly Bonez 11 February 27, 2020
Cade got bored in environmental in 11th grade, so he made an urban dictionary article just for himself
"dumbass this can't work in a sentence Wow ok so I am really bored so I'm going to create an urban dictionary article for just this sentence "
by Swoooopy February 24, 2020