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To search for your dream home even if you have no idea how you'll pay for it.
Zillowed some prime Beverly Hills properties. Now if I could just get Bradley Cooper to propose I'd be all set!
by PriusPrimo April 23, 2015
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The site with every house imaginable.
Some of the houses on Zillow are ridiculous! Some dude in The Hamptons wants $1 million for a double-wide trailer.
by NeighborhoodPeacock May 14, 2015
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A mofo who plays Warrock ( a crappy ass sad excuse of a first person shooter PC game) religiously.
Craezy: Zillow stop playing warrock you muderfager!
Zillow: No! i luvs it!
Craezy: i feel Sorry for you.
Zillow: I cant help it!, i'm addicted.
Craezy: Your hoomo.
by ironguns January 20, 2010
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