The act of applying pool que chalk to the penis before performing anal sex on a female. The female should resemble Maggie Grace from the movie, “Midnight Meat Train,” and will likely not find this to be an enjoyable act.
“Yo homie, you Bradley Cooper that hoe?
“Yeah bro, that’s one chalky starfish!”
by #Therealdonaldtrump November 19, 2017
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Bradley Cooper is Donald sterling “get these niggers out of my game...don’t hang with magic Johnson... do not bring magic johnson to the clippers game”
by Chi chi bang July 17, 2018
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A well-known, very attractive celebrity soooo good looking, he has become a verb meaning "to put it in my butt," as this sort of privlege is only reserved for men/people as good looking as Bradley Cooper.
"He is soooo FINE. I'd let him Bradley Cooper me FA SHO!," said Lea.
by nightmasterblue May 02, 2011
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Let's get Bradley Coopered tonight!

Popped my first beer at noon, doing some day-Bradley Coopering.

I was completely Bradley Coopered last night, what happened?

If I take another shot I'm gonna be too Bradley Coopered to walk home.
by x-hotsauce-x August 11, 2011
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