A common name for the derigable airship which has been assimilated into the English language. Like "Kleenex," many people use it despite the fact that it is a trademark of the Zeppelin Company.
I took a trip in the zeppelin...uh, I mean...derigable. Damn copyrights.
by Zack Green July 18, 2004
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A lighter-than-air craft specifically built by Zeppelin Luftschiffbau (pre WW2)or Zeppelin Luftschifftecknik (present day).

A lighter-than-air craft of this type made by any other manufacturer would simply be called a "rigid airship".

Blimps are NOT zeppelins.
Dude, that it one funky zeppelin.
by Karl November 20, 2004
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A Zeppelin, in more correct terminology, is a Rigid Arship, or Derigable. Made famous by the giant Zeppelins of Germany in the 1920's and 30's, and the Hindenburg which crashed.
A zeppelin isn't a plane, dumbass.
by Handeh February 7, 2003
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The whales of the sky! The high flying mobilized balloon. Big, but impractical for production and militaristic use. Used for advertising during sports games.
Damn those zeppelins, they keep blocking my view of Mars for astronomy class!
by Randomizer October 5, 2003
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A rigid airship, specifically one based on the designs of Count Ferdinand Zeppelin. A Zeppelin is incomplete without out at least 4 swastikas.
Let's go to the Flughafen and take the next available flight out of Germany.
by JHOU November 30, 2003
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That zeppelin is dieing.
by bj February 3, 2003
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