Tilted is when a person gets really drunk, and is not able to stand balanced, therefore feeling as if the world is tilting.
I'm so titled right now, I wish I could sober up.
by TitledMan September 28, 2017
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A partner that you are sexually active with but is not considered your boyfriend / girlfriend. This role allows you to freely talk to other potential candidates, while this individual satisfies your immediate needs. This zone is usually kept a secrete. Sidenigga piece of meast

Definition 2. You want no ties, no relevance with an individual.
Matt Barnes manifested his desire for Rihanna, but she advised she doesn't want no titles.

I think your a cool person and we have fun together at night but I don't want no titles.
by Boojie Brown September 4, 2015
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TITL is the short form for : "This Is The Life."
I was suspended from school but wasn't grounded. Man. TITL.
by Arsh. June 1, 2010
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When two people in a relationship don't ever do anything. It is just a social status or dating for titles.
They haven't been on single date even though they say they're in a relationship. They're just titling.
by Greg660 June 30, 2010
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