49 definitions by bj

an extremely shitty computer where everything is built into the motherboard so nothing can be upgraded.
Compaq is the best thing in computers since AOL!
by bj March 20, 2003
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A street name for cocaine. The name, Don Johnson, is usually pronounced with a heavy New York or Boston accent.
Hey, Tiny, do you know where the Don Johnson is? Son bitch!
by bj August 25, 2004
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Kicking a guy in the nuts from behind and make it so your toe connects directly with the scrotum, gooch or tip of penis. Also known as a candy cane.
Dude I fucking gave Kalen the biggest fish hook and it didn't even hurt the little pussy.
by bj February 21, 2005
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the male genitalia; often referred to as weiner, dick, dong, wang, and hotdog, among many others.
Hey (male name), come over here and stick your flapjack in my napsack.
by bj January 4, 2004
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