A name given to someone who is:

-Extremly wierd
Tash, a girl who is random and unpredictable. You will never know what they will do next but they often have a bad habit, such as biting nails or putting anything in their mouth or drawing on themselves.
by x__tashh August 18, 2006
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God, luv, yuv got a luvly tash
by Darren January 19, 2005
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noun: A man or woman who looks and acts strange or out of the ordinary. Tash people tend to mumble and grunt. They can be smelly and unfriendly. Many times they are unavoidable.

verb: The act of behaving like a tash man or woman would
"Wow, did you see that tash man wearing garbage bags as clothes and chewing on his beard?"

Jonathan: "Today, we got free muffins at work and I cut off all the tops for myself"
Sarah: "Wow, that is very tash of you".

" I was at the library and so many tash people kept sitting near me. First it was a girl who kept talking to herself and humming. Then it was a man who kept crunching on onion rings. At that point, I decided to leave".
by tashdog June 13, 2015
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To uncontrollably expell water or other fluids from the mouth.

friend- Don't look down, you just tash'd all over your shirt!

tasher- yeah, I often tash when drinking cofee milk.

friend- weird
by tashw/coffee December 29, 2009
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Local Geordie dialogue for getting off with, 'pulling' or 'Snogging' with another person. Often heard from Geordie Shore.
James: Oi lad, did you tash on with that lass?

Jay: Ay, we were tashing on al night.
by GeordieFtw. June 29, 2011
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A slang word for hooking up/making out with another person. Often used by the cast of reality t.v show Geordie Shore.
"Oi Gaz, I was tashing on with that bird you bucked last week", said Scott.
Gaz looks at Scott with disgust.
by HPVARROCK September 18, 2013
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Getting extremely drunk to the point that you do really weird stuff, most of which you won't remember the next day.
Man I am going to get so tashed this weekend
by StargazerPoison February 5, 2013
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