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An expletive in Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series; the adjective form of zark.
"Where the zarking photon have you been?" hissed Ford.
by AlanH February 26, 2006
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Zarking (verb) refers to a particular combination of walking and dancing. A 'Zarker' tends to walk sideways with robotic movements, whilst making a quack noise usually characteristic of a duck (in particular, the Malard). The term was coined in mid 2008 by visionaries Bill and Mark, who realised that Zarking was not recognised by mainstream western culture, or for that matter any culture across the world - either mainstream or subcultural.
Zark - to indulge in the act of Zarking (e.g. "I will Zark my way to the moon.")

Zarking - when one Zarks, one can consider oneself to be Zarking (e.g. I'm Zarking my way to the moon as we speak." I actually am.)

Zarker - one who indulges in the act of Zarking (e.g. "I hear Nelson Mandela is a bit of a Zarker.")

Zarkastic - to be clever and witty whilst Zarking (e.g. "Jim-bob made a rather Zarkastic comment as he siddled across the room in a sideways, robotic manner whilst making quack noises.")

BeZark - to indulge in the act of Zarking to an excessive degree, often as the result of addiction. (e.g. "oh no, Barry's gone Bezark again and he's knocked the kettle into Grandma's lavender curry.")
by Mark Jimmy Hughes May 20, 2008
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