A nickname given to MDMA.

In the UK MDMA is often referred to as 'Mandy'. After a while instead of 'Mandy' the term 'Mandela' was used. Hence the term Nelson Mandela was born.
'Alright mate, wanna buy any Charly?'
'Nah not tonight bruv I'd rather get on the Nelson'
'Yeah you know Nelson Mandela! Mandy! MDMA!'
by C4Jnr August 5, 2017
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An ironic or sarcastic nickname for people who bear no resemblance in any shape or form to one of the most inspirational people of the 21st Cenutry.

It is most often used by History students who take their work home with them too often and are confused by the past and the present, as well as attending politcally aware music festivals.
That white racist is quite the Nelson Mandela
by Baiji May 13, 2007
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The first black president of south africa. Was in jail for 27 years thanks to apartheid, was released and won the presidency in the first fully representative democratic elections. He is an inspiration to us all now.
by jesus_is_my_homeboy April 22, 2006
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The hippocritical former leader of the ANC who tore down the Apartieds in South Africa, replacing it with a black supremency goverment instead, which has now recently seen surges in violence, corruption, AIDS, theft, and rape. Racist against white people, also loves to side with none white groups people and goverments to verbally attack either the USA(white)or Isreal(White Jews), which normally has him allying with repressive gov'ts. Claims to support Democracy, but was against giving Iraq a democratic gov't.
Nelson Mandela called Castro a "man of the people" because people were "cheering" for Castro at a Parade.
Attacks the US, saying
(direct quote)If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America. Forgetting things like you know, the Holocoust or Tianaman Square.
Complains that a fully-functioning, democratic nation of Israel has Nuclear Weapons.
by discreet_1814 May 19, 2007
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A full nelson held for 27 years.
Neither the half or full nelson seems appropriate. This calls for the full nelson mandela
by Drunkietheclown July 18, 2015
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All round slogan. Use it to show that you disagree with a cause and have a hard time taking it seriously. Originally used by Ali G (Sascha Baron Cohen) at an anti-abortion rally.
Crusading speaker: We will not stand and watch while God's laws are being violated! Homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to marry!

*loud cheer*

Random guy: Yeah, and free Nelson Mandela!
by Asger W November 1, 2007
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