A word used to describe a child of either sex. Often used as a term of endearment.
by >Username< September 20, 2007
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Any person that is younger than you can be considered a youngster but of legal age it is 25-17 is considered to be a youngster anything younger than that is also of course a youngster
by Assume the position July 21, 2019
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the dopest mothafooka with the dankest rattata ever debuting in pokemon silver and pokemon gold his greatness inspires all great trainers to strive for the top
Fun Fact joey's rattata is in the top percentage of rattata
dude i just lost to youngster joey that swag trainer smokes so much dank kush i never stood a chance
by the danker youngster joey April 1, 2016
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When it comes to the best trainers of all times its me, youngster joey me whit my top percentage rattata hecc im better im strong im joey
Red:oh youngster joey hey
Joey:i like shorts they are easy and comfy to wear hahah now battle me foolish mortal
by Youngster_joey64 April 6, 2018
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A group of people that are no good bugger waffles.
I saw a group of them gosh darn sporty youngsters over there.
by TimmyNT December 3, 2013
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the most god like trainer of generation two, If you think Lance is the best, then you are a simp.
LYRA: A youngster? are you serious
Youngster Joey sent out Rattata!
Rattata: *pulls out a machete*
Game: LYRA fled from battle!
by adam-slayer April 13, 2020
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Hip with the youngsters is a thing you say when you’re 60 years old and want to be “hip with
The youngsters”
Look bob! I’m hip with the youngsters. I’m super cool! I know what to do
by Joe hobetski September 22, 2018
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