A nicer version of the word heck.
Can substitute for:
darn, heck, shoot, and any curse word.
There's a science test tomorrow?! Hecc.
by mediocrenickname September 8, 2018
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smol doggo say bork bork
big doggo say shut hecc up
hecc bork
by yeastbeast3000 December 2, 2019
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Do you want to get kicked off of my Christian Minecraft server? Because typing this into the chat will definitely get you that.
XxCancerWolfFurryxX: lolol xd u’re ded

ThiccNibba: hEcc

ThiccNibba has been removed from the server.
by sodium-chloride June 27, 2018
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When u religious af and u wanna swear in front of yo parentals
awww Hecc i stubbed ma toe
by charlie took a stin August 3, 2018
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when you die in roblox and you were so close to the checkpoint in the obby and you get filled with rage so you breathe in, but at the same time you say hecc and it's like a screech and your friends are annoyed, also it counts a an insult
"shut up jimmy you suck at this game stop screeching becuz u cant play roblox rainbow obby"
"hECC u"
by Guacam013 March 20, 2018
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"Heck and "frick" are both ways for kids to say words very close to "hell" and "fuck" not not quite so they wont get in trouble. "Hecc" on the other hand is making fun of "heck" do to the fact that it has grown cringy because of of the little kids saying it. It is a meme that may of derived from the "no cursing on my Christian server" meme.
Lizzie: my friends phone just broke
Ethan: ah hecc
by King of wub December 3, 2017
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