Weed that is of the highest quality.
The best weed one will ever smoke in their lifetime.
John: Man this weed is mad good!!

Chandana: Heck yea bro, i be crunkin on this dank kush all day.

John: You're so white...
by speedracer715 March 29, 2011
A Southern California lifestyle street-wear clothing brand (DANK meaning Day And Night Kings) that specializes in an "all black everything" color platform. With sizes only ranging from medium to xl, they specifically placed themselves in a category where their brand is not fully accessible to everyone. Their motto is that they do not have customers, they have "affiliates".
I just bought that the dank kush tee and now I'm affiliated.
by therealblack December 28, 2011
When shrek kidnapps you, you smoke an entire bag of it.
We smoked that entire bag of dank swamp kush.
by GgamerG55 June 8, 2014
Generally 1st definition: references to weed, but is called dank, and holy because of of the use of meme containing these words as memes,

Most people use Dank Holy Kush as a joke.
2nd definition:

Referencing To a drug most commonly weed either grown by or for a church or church official.
Person 1: yo frank you got that dank holy kush?!?!?!
Church officials: do you have the inventory I requested?
Drug dealer: Yes father I have some Dank Holy kush
by CT-0117 December 1, 2020