16 definitions by Assume the position

Smacking someone face with your penis flaccid or erect without using your hands just your hips
by Assume the position September 20, 2019
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Liliana is the sexiest and most beautiful she does what she wants with her life and can get through anything with a positive attitude she is a little freak too and the toughest fighters but can always avoid a fight she is fun and amazing
Dude who the fuck is that

I think thats Liliana

Bro she straight avoided the whole fight

Yeah and now my dick is fucking rock hard
by Assume the position July 25, 2019
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Liliana is the sexiest and she secretly has the best sex ever and she's a freak perfect body from her head down between her toes she is really smart and amazing she is not a good for nothing piece of garbage she can do what ever she wants her self confidence could make a blind man see and the paralyzed Walk she is funny and a good person wife material
Wow Liliana you are the best I ever had
by Assume the position July 12, 2019
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There are a lot of steriotypes out there about Ray is a pedo Ray is gay well I am here to tell you nun of those facts can relate to this particular ray. has the sexiest work ethics skills ever it's hard for him to work sometimes because women are always trying to have sex with him that is probably his only flaw he is so attractive I cannot imagine a world without a ray he can outwork you and give your butthole funny feelings questioning your manhood he has an unusually large penis too like i said its hard for him to work because he loves a throat beast so he'll pull a fast one
by Assume the position July 24, 2019
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To go to the bathroom to drink or Jack off or have sex with someone
Dude that one female I was telling you about showed up at my job she wouldn't leave me alone so I had to pull a fast one I thought I was gonna get fired
by Assume the position July 24, 2019
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When you shove your balls in her vagina or butthole
I use her cum holes as a ball pit
by Assume the position August 13, 2019
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