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Cassidy is a girl who goes through a lot but doesn't want to burden other people with her problems so she keeps it all bottled up. Cassidy usually has a very bubbly personality, but will be very quite around people she doesn't know. Her parents named her after a Grateful Dead song and she never hears the end of it. She is a very loyal friend, but will fight against a friend if they turn on her. She is very hard headed and goes for what she wants in life. Cassidy can be a sporty person but would rather be at home watching Netflix. Cassidy tells it like it is, she isn't going to treat you like a baby.
Cassidy is so hard headed. I couldn't talk her out of buying a 20$ hat.
by thesass September 28, 2015
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The most brilliant girl you can ever meet. She is smart, caring, and despite anyone's feelings towards her, she always has the need to stand up for what she believes in and those who she find close relations with. You can never find someone who can replace a Cassidy.
I heard girls name Cassidy are head strong and make the greatest friends and/or girlfriends.
by Rae.Bae December 28, 2015
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The best all around girl, she's truly amazing! Dispite how mad she gets at you she will always love you and she will never stop loving you. She has amazing eyes, an amazing personality, amazing body, amazing hair, amazing smile, and an amazing voice. She is something to hold on to because the ride with her is worth it. Don't argue with her about who loves who more because she will always love you more no matter what. She's a 10 of 10 best of the best girl.
She's a Cassidy
by Joe Vang December 19, 2016
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All around gorgeous girl (with a great butt). She has slight trust issues and may sometimes be hard to get to, but she has many beautiful great friends who she loves and trusts more than anyone, so if shes taken, she probably has a single hot friend. She is equally as fantastic inside with a very relatable sense of humor. She may be quite petty, icy, and sarcastic, though. But be warned, she flirts with everyone (sometimes even girls), so if you get her, hold on tight. Even if she is in a relationship with you, she will never hesitate to put her besties first. She has only sisters, no brothers, which often includes a twin sister and an evil older sister. (fyi: she is NOT named after a greatful dead song, contrary to popular belief)
Lawrence: dude that hot girl cassidy was checking me out
Thompson: lol in ur dreams
Donnie: naw dawg it was me she was checking out
Chad: guys im her bf so leave her alone
Brittany: then why tf is she flirting w me
Thomas the Train: ur delusional

Diego: *is gay* umm y ur gf checking me out
Abe Lincoln: sheith wasith flirtingith withith meith
Tom Holland: bros lemme just have her
Everyone whos not Tom Holland: yes, super hot, adorable, british god-man
by Friend Valentine November 27, 2019
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Ever wondered what it'd feel like to wake up one morning and know that you're the shit? Well if your name is Cassidy, you don't have to! You've already begun in your journey of awesomeness, and you'll only go further!
by Bagelboy615 January 11, 2012
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The most amazing girl ever. Shes hot,smart,and has a great personality. Shes always happy and puts everyone in a good mood. She rocks my world=D
Harrison:" hey darlin"
Tanner:"hey Cassidy"
Cassidy:"what's up?"
by Cheepbeerhere February 19, 2012
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