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It's a school...except with uniforms that most kids find annoying, but are helpful in that you never have to bother about picking out an outfit to wear for the day. Alot of the times the uniform involves khaki pants and plaid skirts, but there's exceptions. There's also religon class and the occasinal Catholic mass that normally takes place in either the school gym or a church located on school grounds. In the morning, the Pledge of Allegiance is said along with a short prayer, and the normal morning announcements.

Also, despite popular belief, there aren't usually nuns walking around hitting children with rulers and no, not everyone who attends a Catholic school is snobby/preppy/stuckup/a self-righteous Catholic/whatever stereotype you can come up with.

Usually, the majority of the student population of a Cahtolic school are of the Catholic faith, but there are Catholic schools that have many non-Catholic students that come from other faiths/no faith at all and are only attending the school because they or their parents think they'll get the best education there.

As for the quality of education in a Catholic school, it all just depends on the student himself/herself. It's up to the student to decide exactly where to be educated, whether it be Home-schooling, Catholic school, Private school, or Public school.

In short, Catholic schools, Public schools, and non-religious Private schools are relatively the same, just with a few differences.

Anne decided to go to Catholic school and was surprised to find a lack of angry nuns and rich,snobby kids and found out it's just a regular school with Catholic elements.
by RougeRose January 18, 2009
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A school that makes you wear uniforms , go to church, and take religion class. 50% white, 47.5% filipino, 2.5% latino.
The cause of approximately 40% of all atheists.
my parents sent me to catholic school as a kid. im an atheist now
by xiuhcoatl666 April 04, 2012
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the place where catholic kids go to school because their parents make them. they wear uniforms, and dont care what they look like. they are cheating experts, and don't act catholic at all. they dont care what the public school kids think because theyre having plenty of fun. once you go to a catholic school, your a catholic school kid forever.
public school kid: howd you pass biology?
catholic school kid: the kid next to me was smart.
by mwphilly January 12, 2007
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I go to Catholic school, what I like best about it is the uniforms (much less discrimination based on clothing) and the sense of community you feel...and that you can actually mention God. Students at Catholic school really aren't that different from public school students, though.
btw there are preppy and snobby people everywhere, Catholic school or not.
by Meg123456 September 30, 2006
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First off, anyone who is going to leave uneducated comments, should get an education. Catholic school is where parents may try to send their kids for a better education and since when was wanting a better education a bad thing? sure catholic school education is almost the same as anywhere else. Except for God is actually recognized, and a few other USUALLY positive qualities. School is very similar whether its millitary, public, private, or catholic. Uh, if you havent forgotten, the PURPOSE of school is EDUCATION. Not whether the kids wear uniforms or not or whatever else you concern your life with.
Jealous Misguided person : Ew. Catholic school. They think their better than everyone else.
Wereas in real life they're just normal people with normal lives like everyone else in every other kind of school
Open minded person : Uh, Catholic School is just like were you go. Don't be a hater.
by MACkENZiiE <3 July 19, 2006
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A place where no human would ever want to go. All the positive definitions, they've all been brainwashed. I went to Catholic school for 3/8 years, and I lost my mind. Everyone there is a rich, exclusive snob, and they only like you if you're good at sports, and even if you are, the still will sometimes ignore you. The students there are whores, and if your don't believe that, they're jerks. The education there is terrible, too. I didn't learn much of anything for 3 years. Most of the 6th graders didn't even know how to simplify fractions. I begged to move to a public school, and when I did, I was amazed at how friendly the people were, how the teachers were smarter and better, and how I actually had friends. Catholic school drove me insane. I hear/heard voices in my head, (Steven says hi btw), I was made fun of, I had no friends, and it just sucked. Please, if you're thinking of sending someone you love to Catholic school, don't. Don't even send someone you hate there, they probably don't deserve it. Take it from me, a survivor of Catholic school.
You can use the term "like a Catholic school" to describe place you don't like.
by boomhare April 12, 2016
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A school with uniforms, and no nuns or priests wandering around the hallways. They have religion class, which is a waste of time becasue half the people that attend catholic high schools don't give a shit about God. Catholic schools are much like normal schools, but, they have better weed and more drunk people at the school dances. People that attend catholic school aren't always catholic.. it doesn't matter, people that work at the school hardly ever believe in God. Religion teachers don't care if you believe in Jesus or not... they just want their paychecks. Catholic Schools are full or stoners, losers, emos, preps, jocks and bitches. So what's the difference between Catholic Schools and Public schools? Catholic schools have SAINT in front of there name, and have God on there side. Public school have satan... according to God.
biblebitch= "I go to a catholic school, excuse me as I whore my way around the entire football team and snort coke!"

publicebitch" i go to a public school, excuse me as i sleep with the entire football team and smoke weed."
by stargirll3 October 12, 2009
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