From kindergarten to grade eight, or it is sometimes called "elementary school".
"I haven't been fucked like that since grade school!" - Marla Singer, Fight Club
by Athena Kay September 23, 2004
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Used to describe when something is easy.
Eric: Was the test difficult?
Arnold: Man, that test was grade school!
by Dead_Pool January 4, 2015
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Is a shit whole of a school the teachers are fucking cunts and have favorites like no other. They will side with anyone over the boys and never ever have any money because they are broke as hell.
Geff grade school sucks ass
by Geff kid November 6, 2019
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An epic shitty school in Bristol, Illinois. The water fountains taste like period blood. The ground itself looks like some big ass walrus took a dump everywhere. The gym is also a cafeteria where it is the size of your average bathroom. People like to throw rocks in the toilets or shit on the walls. The teachers look like meth addicts and cry very easily. There is probably 40 billion bugs in the ventilation system. The play grounds had about 50 bee hives and kids would get raped by bees. the slides were made of fucking sheet metal and wood. It's for pre-schoolers through 4th grade. They have a machine to get cripples up the stairs and it has broken and made the cripples more crippled. The library is full of shit books from the 1800's and is located in the basement.
Bristol Grade School sucks ass dude

I know!!!
by AZN_Sn1p3z April 24, 2010
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When your penis erectates, but still cannot perform coitus due to it being a pliable and soft erection.
I was gonna fuck that chick but I was only working with a grade school Dick and couldn't get it harder for the life of me!
by Batman's Nutz April 19, 2016
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A grade school hoe is a grade school girl who dates and makes out with a lot of guys. Because a girl in grade school cant fuck unless shes really fucked up. When older will be a true hoe
Fam this bitch is such a grade school hoe. Holy shit. Dating 10 guys at once. "For real, training to be a true hor"
by 6 gang June 25, 2016
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1st grade is called noob
2nd grade is called classy
3nd grade is call prodigy
4th grade is called flashy
5th grade is called graduationer
6th grade is called middle grade/senior elementary
7th grade is called gazelle
8th grade is called Junior high/citizen
9th grade is called freshman
10th grade is called sophomore

11th grade is called Junior
12th grade is called senior
Guy So you're still in grade school?
Girl yeah I got a hold back.
Guy So what year are you in?
Girl senior I'm 20.
Girl my grade school name is senior.

Guy ....
Guy well I'm past the grade school names.
by 459395 January 29, 2022
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