1. A wonderful young lady that has not yet been introduced to porn like appendages wrought of chemical enhancement.

2. A nice way to suggest that someone might be somewhat strict in cognitive assertions.

3. A politically correct manner in which someone might assert the extreme dysfunction of either of the above examples. (context)
1. The Queen of England noted that her eye fell upon a nice young lady while riding in the parade.

2. 'Der was 'dis cunt...

She was not a cunt, she was a nice young lady.

No she wasn't, she was a cunt. She had me take off my shoes and promise not to step on the floor while I walked to my room, that I paid for in her whore presence with real money that she never had seen before.

3. Great personality, what a great girl, if she were only my mother, nice place, great ass, wonderful hair, how can I get some of that?, I could be her father, Hate fuck her and leave, Hate fuck her and stay, Hate fuck her, I know a place.....
by Nefarious Aflatus December 24, 2008
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