scolded to be reprimanded for doing wrong or perceived to have done wrong
my teacher scolded me in front the whole class for getting a math question wrong what an embarrassing moment that was
by bluebear December 22, 2020
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To get told off by someone.
Most parents scold their children if they don't follow the rules of the household.
by Miu-Miu-Miu January 3, 2012
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The act of pulling out one's penis and slapping another individual with it, usually on the face.
Gunther's mom was getting out of line, so I scolded her in the face.
by Nick December 9, 2003
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"Damn, girl...after we have sex. You cant scold your boy up for a little and maybe ill give you some face."
by dcooljust2cool4u June 24, 2009
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when your frustrated bestie sends Google Hangouts sticker with a clock
Emmet and Salvador were chatting via Hangouts and Sal got a work call; after waiting a few minutes Emmet became impatient and sent a Purple Cat sticker holding a clock. When Sal hung up he saw the sticker and replied "oh I KNOW you didn't just engage in Sticker Scolding, bitch."
by Uncle Joosie August 14, 2020
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when a mother, grandmother, older sibling, or bitchy girlfriend gets on your case before you've actually done something wrong.
"Why do you always have to move around? It's so annoying!"
"I'm not moving, jerk."
"Well, you will soon. I'm just saving time and pre-scolding."
by Namesarehardtopick August 19, 2008
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A burnt pussy.

They say that once in a mans life he will encounter a scolded beaver. The question is then what to do with it?
Guy 1: That guy kayne is eating a scolded beaver.
Guy 2 (Milo): Looks like he is enjoying it too.

Guy 1: Man that that tegan chick has an extremely scolded beaver.
by percypanda April 26, 2011
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