The Queen of England is a ruling female monarch or Sovereign that is head of state for the United Kingdom and it's Commonwealth. i.e Australia etc

The Queen of England is slang for when a female storms into a room and will not be reckoned with, and will not take no for an answer.
POMMY ACCENT - "I couldn't very well bloody believe it!" "Whah" "Jessica marched in like the Queen of bloody England and told me I was fired and had 30 seconds to exit the bloomin' building!"

When my mother died, Cheryl just marched in like The Queen of England and took whatever she wanted, and left without even a word!" "Not a word!"

Who does that Irish tart Sinead O'Connor think she is, The Queen of fucking England?"
by The Moody Poet August 23, 2006
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Doesn't actually exist.

The kingdoms of England and Scotland dissolved in 1707 so what every American refers to as "the queen of Engerland" is actually the queen of the U.K.

She is also the head of the Commonwealth and will never die. We know this because Prince Charles has been trying for years.

Learn some history!
American: "Look! The queen of England!"

Briton: "She's been dead for a looooong time"
by Ozzy1993 July 31, 2009
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Not just the queen of England, but of BRITAIN. Many people forget this. Mainly foreigners and people from England.

Also the head of the commonwealth realm
Guy that can't get his facts right: Did you hear about the Queen of England?

Clever guy: It's the queen of Britain you douche
by Emmmm... Yup. November 13, 2010
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if you don’t know the definition of the queen of england then honey are you okayyyyy. she isn’t best friends with our other queen, raini rodriguez so ahem ahem get yo act togetha
loser: who is the queen of england?
loser: i have no life
raini rodriguez: facts
by jeriyas bff October 25, 2019
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to thrust a woman's belly button so forcefully that it breaks the skin, causing it to bleed onto the penis, thus creating a "royal robe". Then, shit on the woman's hair, creating a crown fit for the Queen. And finally, in victory, one must raise his hands over his head in salute to Big Ben.
"Dude, she wanted a fuckin' Queen of England, and I was like 'fuck no, bitch!'"
by Allowishes McGillicutty August 15, 2007
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An old bat that just won't make room for the new generations. She thinks she is above all the other peasants of society because she was born 'special'.
Chad: "Have you heard of the queen of England?"
James: "That's that 90-something year old bat who refuses to give out, right?"
Chad: "Yes"
by Chingchongweenie April 11, 2021
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The best of best type of dog water, you can’t find this dog water of a player anywhere else.
“You’re the Queen of England’s dog water! you’re so bad!”
by dogwater2765 January 12, 2021
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