14 definitions by Nefarious Aflatus

1. Bikers that associate themselves with Jay Leno pics and Harley Davidson. Simultaneously destroying any previous victories and consistencies with media want of crap. Although he does have Viagra.

2. Probably killed Larry the Indian because Leno's dick was too small to see in a mirror...even with surgery and Viagra.

3. Thinks they are still affiliated with any semblance of united motion previously in the direction of establishing some incredibly cool shit beyond T.V. ratings and adverts (called soldiering)... crack niggaz.

Same thing as a Letterman Fag, but with Harley's. Leno Fag's being the opportunists in the situation presented.

Anyone can wear Armani.
by Nefarious Aflatus December 24, 2008
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1. A place that actually was indicted for using kangaroo meat in their 100% beef product, but had enough money to keep it out of the media (and out of court).

2. A place that probably should have just avoided false advertising and served kangaroo meat initially (I would eat it), since they have found incredible success with a stupid clown.

3. A place that still confuses the migrant mutation of "McDonald" with "MacDonald" when it is that they attempt to affiliate themselves with a clan reasoning and something beyond a clown and kangaroo meat, shell game.

4. A magnificent move for a young J.R. Simplot!
Let's go to McDonald's Restaurant and get something to push into our face.
by Nefarious Aflatus December 24, 2008
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1. Mustache/beard. More directly, a mustache/beard on a well skilled man at the art of muffin dusting.

2. Oral master concerning the art of female climax. Usually entails a well trained embouchure and tonguing techniques.
Chick #1:Did you see the muffin duster on that guy?

Chick #2:Yeah.. all of the other flavor savors must be jealous as hell!

by Nefarious Aflatus December 24, 2008
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1. iPant is what a person hears above their headphone mix while having sex and using earphone electronics. 2. iPant is any phantom sound which occurs when using any electronic device- which then seems to resemble a human 'panting' sound as to be animal like in wanting.
1. It was such a friction wrought pounding that I could hear his/her iPant and moans through my headphone mix. 2. Did you hear that moaning/panting sound when I turned the vid/box on?
by Nefarious Aflatus January 18, 2008
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In the family of i-products... the iQuit serves a definite purpose... though one which is still an incredible secret. At the latest estimates, the iQuit manages to fill those areas of doubt from which many people find themselves dodging and weaving. Most times presenting itself as per such instances, when there is a failed point of order... and more so when it is that a person has ranted and raved themselves into a corner of unforgiveness from their own decision and action. Most often then displaying the worth value of such a mechanism as the iQuit, in then continuing to insist the owner/user of the iQuit is somehow correct - and thus 'victorious' in some stretch of human cognate. Even in the face of, and in light of substantial proofs to the contrary. Even and most especially within their own presented reasoning.

In so many words... it supposedly 'un-paints people in the corner' of which they have painted themselves into.

A topical quick fix for the consistent results of 'the monkey and the apple.'

Microsoft would have had one to the market first... but the product name was just too long for the marketing team to swiftly move along with it although it is on the market as well - known as the 'Condensed Geneva Convention-isering-dillything-a-ma-jigger-a-phone.'

I hear Melinda just couldn't get past an affinity with the name?

Either can be purchased at any software outlet for a relative bargain considering the benefits of application. The common market price being somewhere in the area of a couple of gameboard hundred dollar bills. Any gameboard denomination is just fine.

Ease of use and application are a major selling point... since the fake money renders a 'lick and stick' color decal that the purchaser/user applies to their forehead... then post hence such actions, all other humans are to regard them as victorious, untainted, correct and utterly the coolest thing ever! Not to mention - actual contributors to something beyond the reach's of consumer hell.

Unfortunately, it wasn't deemed economic to include a customary strip of cheap bubble gum in the bundle in either case. But the 'up-side' is that people don't have to carry around some silly piece of electronic pollution to obtain the benefits.

And then further... the impact to the atmosphere is extremely minimalized, since the only semi-permanent waste is the small wax paper backing on the lick and stick decal. A half life that is a considerable step in magnificent directions regarding modern communications technology.
Protag: "My iQuit is almost wearing off! If we want more cheap beer, we better get another one!"

Antag: "Don't sweat it, dude... we can use mine! Mine is still rockin' it hard! Just don't look straight at anyone... Hey! There are some chicks over there.... let me lick your forehead.... then we will pick up on them!"
by Nefarious Aflatus March 26, 2009
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A freeware product from Apple that will allow the access to a ferocious tantrum with the touch of a button.

It's like setting off a bomb in some instances and is included in the bundle with any modern communications technology purchase.

Microsoft might have put it on the market first but, there were problems with the marketing people and the name of their version; 'This stupid ass fucking machine fucking computer bullshit mother fucking thing is going out the window' wasn't seen as a marketable direction at the time.
"Can you believe how much I paid for this piece of shit?" usually precludes iRage in many instances.
by Nefarious Aflatus March 26, 2009
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The seemingly endless hordes of people moving and existing in different demographic groupings, while obviously sharing the definitive commonality and similar association which accompanies corporate/product affiliation. Somehow still presenting the dilusion of individualism, thus rendering the 'zoo like' qualities represented in the descriptive term: iZoo. Yet further presenting various comparative types of 'iUsers' such as iHippo's, iLion's, iTiger's, iBear's, iMonkey's, iGorilla's, iElephants, iWhales, iSeals and favorites in the iPetting iZoo: iDonkey's, iGoats, iBunnies and even iChickens in some places!
I (no pun there) couldn't help noticing the iZoo configuration on the bus today. The iDonkey's were as docile as ever and the iChimp's actually kept to themselves! Even though they still kept scratching their butt.
by Nefarious Aflatus January 18, 2008
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