The insult to end all insults, if you say you mom gay to someone then immediately leave to not witness a suicide.
"Youre stupid."
"Yeah well you mom gay."
"How could you?" *kills self*
by FUCKING END YOUR LIFE February 24, 2018
What to say to get grounded from home.
Someone: Fuck you, mom!
Someone's mom: That's it! You'll get grounded!
by Devonalfiano August 3, 2021
You use this phrase if you don't know the difference of "you are" and "your".
Human 1: Hehe I did something tonight.
Human 2: I did you are mom.

World: Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
by JuulKing March 26, 2018
In this word, Mom is an adjective to gay, meaning if someone says you are Mom gay or you’re Mom gay, they are calling you a gay mom. Not to be confused with your mom gay lol, which doesn’t have an ‘re.
Straight boy: hey, your mom gay
Straighter boy: oh yeah you are Mom gay

Straight boy: *dies*
by Urmombig gay February 19, 2018
A come back to end all come backs, you will never lose if used.
Kid1:You suck Benis

Kid.2: you are moms gay

Kid1.: cries
by Saucy cock February 19, 2018
To have some minor physical imperfection (usually resulting from carelessness) improved or corrected by someone else; esp. by, but not limited to, an adult female.
Teacher notices Matthew's collar is tucked inside his shirt.
Teacher: Matthew, come here and let me fix that for you.
Sara: Dude, you got mommed!
by Sprid January 21, 2006