this is the worst insult you can ever use against someone. this will end their career in one complete swipe.
Preacher: Make sure to-
Me: stfu your mom gay lol
Preacher: dies
by lil booty wipe January 3, 2018
Say that to a fucking normie. Trust me, they'll never get to mess up with you again.
Person 1: fuck off!
Person 2: your mom gay lol
Person 1: *cries in a corner* I should've never messed with him...
by mayonnaise and saucedog April 9, 2018
The ultimate phrase used when you have been turned down and you really really need to get laid.
Person 1: Please please please fuck me...
Person 2: ew! No! You're disgusting.
Person 1: your mom gay lol
Person 2: I take my words back, fuck me now!
Person 1: 😏
by SoRandom69 February 22, 2018
This is a phrase that one must use given the situation that they have nothing better to say. It can be used out of randomness or used to save a conversation in an instant. If you are told this you should take no offense to this statement for the speaker is just trying to spice up the conversation.
*During passing period*
Kid1: Hey what’s good Mikey?
Kid2: Your Mom gay lol
*Kid2 shuffles away in an avian like fashion*
Kid1: me too
by Fesho November 9, 2017
Your maternal parental guardian is in fact a homosexual. There is no acceptable rebuttal that will not make one seem to be immensely offended except for the response "no u" which is the ultimate rebuttal. Upon having one's mother be called homosexual, Mexican youth will become extremely offended and claim that they will in fact end your life. To which the statement without exceptions ends with the verb, lol, denoting audible laughter.
"I would believe you if not for the fact that youre mom gay, lol."
youre mom gay, lol
In conversation:

Tim: "Ha ha I love my mother."
John: "youre mom gay, lol"
Tim: "no u"
John immediately dies of massive heart attack
by The_nut_job February 16, 2018
If someone uses this insult you will get raped and die in your sleep if want to kill an enemy say your mom gay lol
Assholes: yo penis is small
Me: stfu your mom gay lol
Assholes: gets raped and dies
Me: goes to jail for murder and rape
by Jacdabeast March 10, 2018