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A rost is the craziest drunk you know. A rost shows up for work at 11 if he feels like it and drinks heavily whenever the mood strikes him. A rost's charismatic drunken ways will win everyone over and have everyone wanting to sleep with him...both men and women. A person is truly lost if they drink excessively and get lost places, either because they took the wrong train or passed out in a park next to a homeless man. A rost also loves drunkenness in others and encourages you to make decisions you regret the next morning.
That guy just slammed his head on the ground after doing a ninja turtle move in the bar...what a total rost.

Last Tuesday, I woke up hungover, after having puked on my feet at the corner bar, crawling home through the rain and taking home whatever hunchback would accept me in this state and Joe, being the rost that he is, told me i still looked beautiful and that this Tuesday he would join me.
by Lou Hick November 09, 2007
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a Rost is when a South African family participates in a wild and violent incest party at home, this includes violently penetrating the youngest anus with a tribal pattern engraved wooden pole. This normally includes about 6 family members who are all the result of years of incest, the leader declares when he wants Rost by violently shouting "RHOST" as it is traditionally pronounced, when yelled the family knows what they are in for and immediately cancel any plans that they may have made as rost can last anywhere from 4 to 16 hours. to cover up and disguise the illegal act of Rost, the family refers to it only as a "roast", when someone asks about it. As mentioned before during a Rost the dominant male leader initiates the Rost by penetrating the youngest anus with the wooden tribal pole, after this the whole "incest born" group begin to violently bash and penetrate each other, while indulging in a feast. Rost is the result of a practice passed down from thousands of years ago in south Africa where it originated from in the Xhosa tribe, here the tribe leader, a black mandingo with genitals that usually measure a minimum of 13 inches THICK, performs a Rost ceremonial once every Saturday night, by doing this he not only shows off his aggression and dominance but also warns any other tribes in the area not to fuck with him.
friend of incest family member: hey man wanna come out tonight ?

rost victim: nah man you know its Saturday and im having a family "roast"
by Rostford June 08, 2013
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Also known as STINKY, QUEER BOY, FAT FUCK or RAT FUCK. A "ROST" can be observed usually with grey, unbrushed teeth, no deodorant, and wearing the same sweat pants for months on end. Known to mate with the JERASSICA species, the mating rituals include things like bacon grease, butt crack lint, fish vag, wet queefs, and vomit.
That fat fuck ROST... WHAT A RAT FUCK!
by ImChopper May 02, 2018
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