Not a Milf. Not someone you associate with having sex with.
Finch-"Man, that's someone's mom, not like stiffler's mom.
by Alohaman July 11, 2008
Calculating a mom is a slang term used often in the Azerbaijani area's. In Azeri it is "hesablamaq sənin anan", which roughly translates to "Calculate your mother". In Azeri slang, it means to have sexual relations with someones mother, and after these relations, to upload a review on that mother to some social media. This term is often used in an incestial way. When used to talk about incest it leans more towards the meaning having un orthodox/taboo sex with your own mother.
Elnur: Yo dude have you seen Rashads mom?
Togrul: Yea man. I would totally calculate her.
Elnur: Hell yea. That way everyone can know how good that pussy is.
Togrul: fuck yea.

Elnur: your mom is totally hot
Togrul: yo I calculate that on the daily
Elnur: Yo bro that is crazy I also wanted to calculate your mom
Togrul: Bro that shit is mine. I am the only man calculating dat ass

Togrul: man i really want to Calculate Someones Mom
Elnur: just calculate your own mom
Togrul: oh yea! thats a great idea!
by Hugetomhanks May 10, 2017