An adjective used to define a lightly cooked egg
Waiter: How would you like your eggs: over easy, scrambled, etc?
Customer: Yolky
by Free Amerika April 6, 2015
When you go to a diner for breakfast, they give you large portions of food along with eggs over-easy and the yolk gets all over your food.
Customer: Man, my food is all yolky!
Waitress: You shouldn't have eaten the eggs first, stooopeeed.
by Rosaliee. October 29, 2010
Head free ranger of Pokemon Zeo's forums. He leads all other free rangers in doing their jobs.
Yolky is t3h pwnership at franging.
by Joey March 23, 2004
The act of placing your ballsack in one's mouth and farting on there chin.
Alec was spurting off at the mouth, when all at once Chase quickly and forcefully inserted his ballsack into Alec's mouth. sitting on his chin, pinning his head against the ground, his chin practically in chase's ass. chase farts on Alecs chin rattling that dome against the ground

chase: "oh man i just gave you a yolky scrambler"
by HellzAp0pin May 27, 2011
russian version of "BOLLOCKS!!"
like bollocks bu in russian
also means "christmas tree branches"
"aww yolki polki"
" oh no a yolki polki fell off the tree"
by ian November 17, 2003
A sex act that involves a man laying flat and the woman has her feet on the base of his penis and a finger inside his anus while performing a blowjob on the tip of his penis.
"Jade gave me a yolky pebble last night, only lasted a few seconds!" said Daniel.
by SosijPants February 9, 2020
"A Scruffy Vagina" Normally found in Southern England. A pungent growler of the South often associated with major discounts. Often accompanied by very large saggy balloons and poorly applied make up. A favorite holiday destination of Brunochio.
The meeting was not going to plan so the 'Eggy Yolky Giblets' were unleashed!!!!
by bluemouth May 2, 2008