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The sexiest man alive. He's caring, sweet, sensitive, a great kisser, and confident. He helps his closest friends with all of their problems. He's hard headed, but has the sweetest heart and doesn't let people step all over him. He can make anyone laugh. There's only that one girl he really wants even though he flirts with other girls. You may end up falling for him, but he usually doesn't catch you.
Wow! I have never seen someone so sexy. He must be a Alecs.
by AnonymousChickaroo123 May 31, 2010
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An Alec is a person who is kind at heart. He/she has a fantastic leader complex and is hard not to like. This person is not afraid of faults and will take anyone's crap. They tend to be tall and very intelligent. They are always equipped with with a strong vocabulary and stupifying wit. They also tend to be very attractive but don't realize it. They downplay their intelligence and their looks. Over all, an Alec is an amazing person.
"Hey, that kid as attractive and smart! Look at how he(she) takes charge of that group. Must be an Alec.
by epicfailur293 May 20, 2013
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the coolest person in the world. smart, funny, sexy,, just completely amazing. Most girls want him in the sack and just cant resist being around him.
damn, that alec is one sexy mother fuck
by alec p. November 16, 2006
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A smart alec is generally characterized as a person who can take any argument, no matter how sound it may appear to be, and pick it apart piece by piece while offering large amounts of evidence to the contrary of the target argument, effectively forcing the opponent to realize he's a complete idiot. An alec will also mix in various subtle yet sharp insults, humorous wit, and a devastating amount of logical reasoning to add salt to the wound. This Internet personality is usually well liked and honored in the community for their intelligence, clever wit, wisdom, and strong fighting capabilities, even by those who are unlucky enough to be the butt of his assault.
"That smart alec is amazing. He's funny, clever, intelligent, witty, honest, and demonstratively loyal to all that is right and good. The only people who hate him are people who want to be like him." - Forum participant

Person A: That smart alec made me look like an idiot yesterday.

Person B: You were already an idiot before you ran into the alec. He just made you aware of it.
by Nichole M. October 04, 2006
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a very charming man who is intensely smart and at the same time fun and playful. an Alec has both intellectual and artistic talents and can be funny and serious in the same conversation. Alec's like sincere friends and prefer girls who are calm and sweet over excessive and loud. Anyone who befriends an Alec is a friend for life and loves him always. Those who might try to hurt an Alec will be surprised that they are the one's who end up hurt as many will always have an Alec's back. A true friend and loyal soul.
You are SO lucky to have found such an Alec!

I wish I knew an Alec.
by Kateylove1 December 02, 2011
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Totally sweet and kind sort of guy i guess. Kind of dorky, yet really smart and sweet. Really cute and generous, doesn't like to be made fun of or hurt people's feelings. Hard to not love all the time.
He's sooo cute!

I know right?

That must be Alec(:
by CoffinClub February 17, 2011
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