Working class Irish slang used by knackers meaning different things depending on context:

1 ecstacy

2 foolish ugly idiot

3 thing, item, thingymajig
1 me heads cabbaged today i took a few yolks last night im in bits

2 dont mind that Vanessa one shes only a yolk.

Suzanna: Anto- wheres de yolk for me hay-er?
Anto: Wha' yolk?
Suzanna: De fuckinnn.. ye know de yolk for ge'in rid of de curls- de bleeding strate-ner, wheres de strate-ner?
Anto: I dont fuckin' knowww.
by womoma April 18, 2005
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slang for a defined musclature
the upper arm is like a fried egg, where the bicep is the yolk. this is your brain on supplements suckaaas.
by 'sight March 15, 2005
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a joke that is basically better than your entire existence
macrondalds: "our breakfast meal deal is no yolk"
by porkiies January 20, 2020
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To skimp bags, usually of illegal substances, usually marijuana
by mr.k July 7, 2013
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Nina just had 10 red bull and vodkas, she looks like she's about to yolk.
by veahers January 13, 2007
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