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man, don't mess with figard, he'll fuckin kill you!
by ian April 2, 2005
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A stunning example of the female species, an attractive lady, a girl who will turn heads. Derived from the verb "saddle".
Was there many saddlers in the pub last night?
by ian July 18, 2003
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Secretary of Defense under G.W. presidency. The stooge that defended the lack of armor on US tanks in Iraq by saying "...uh... you can have all the armor in the world on a tank... and... that tank can still be blown up."
Alan Colmes: Donald Rumsfeld is a disgrace.
by ian March 8, 2005
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Pubic hair. It has been recognized that often a person's pubic hair is the same colour as his or her eyebrows.
Hola baby, does the rug match the curtains?
by ian January 21, 2004
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Fat Upper Pussy, denotes the large roll of flesh directly above the vaginal opening on a large woman.
I didn't even have to work for the big "O". the Fup did all the moving for me!
by ian March 17, 2005
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Navy Issue Ass

This is the extra-large ass that seamen, particularly females, are issued in tech school in the US Navy.

The wide load sign, flashers, reflectors, and backup signal neccesary for the safe transport of an NIA are not issued and must be purchased by the individual seaman.
"Man, that girl would be cute if she didn't have that NIA!"

"None of my civilian clothes fit since I got my NIA."

"The NIA may be used as a floatation device."
by ian November 17, 2005
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One who is paralyzed and ineffectual, usually with fear or anxiety, at a time of crisis or danger. Refers to the tendency of a deer to freeze and stare at an oncoming car, resulting in death and disaster.
The President just sat there reading My Pet Goat,like Bambi caught in the headlights, and the terrorists tripled the amount of time they had to attack America.
by ian December 7, 2004
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