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The combination of Emo and Goth. For those who hate being called either, or both. :P
Jaivaz is an emoth.

Anybody who paints their nails black is an emoth.

A lot of satanists are more than likely emoth.
by ian September 26, 2004
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mobile based forum that kicks ass :D
lets go hang out on e-tones!.....
by ian January 4, 2005
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Trazen dude See Trazen or dude
Trazen, or some other reference to this awesome guy
by ian March 8, 2005
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Dino: so this one time, me and my friend russel, you know my friend russel right?
by ian October 13, 2004
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Latin for Angel; Vampire with the "Angelic" face; Meanest vampire of all times; Soulless SOB; Cruel bastard epecialized in torture; Mastermind in the art of murder.
by ian July 11, 2004
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The head of the drilling crew on an oil or gas rig. What began as a joke name for the man in charge of the equipment is now an official term for the leadership position.
That old toolpusher has been riding my ass all day about painting those stairs.
by ian May 4, 2004
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A mans penis, sometimes use for masterbation.
Jason went to work on his tossle until it puked love gravey on the pages of my new magazine
by ian March 21, 2005
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