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A small blue pill, can be crushed or taken raw, with milk accompaniment. These pills make the user far better than anyone else around them
Ready for the test?
Yeah man I'm off 37 yipps
by Yippsmgee March 12, 2018
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A blue pill that can be ingested or snorted taking the user to another plane of existence. It makes everything in life easier to do, like a cheat code for real life.
I didn’t think I could write that whole paper in a day but after I railed like 43 yipps I knocked that shit out in half an hour.
by Pollisticness May 31, 2018
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A vitamin originating from Reykjavik Iceland, that gives the user an ante advantage over others in a multitude of ways. The compound is often taken in pill form with milk as a supplement (when people first start taking them milk is required to counteract a possible calcium deficiency side effect). The pills are usually blue and create blue milk when dropped in a container with milk.
how are you so good at driving?
I'm always on yipps!
by Crackowing May 28, 2018
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