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When someone has succeeded maximally in meeting a goal, she may say that she has crushed it.
I crushed that p. chem exam!
by Cranberry Bob February 01, 2020
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Adjective for something that definitely wasn't lame, but not quite "hot". In other words, slightly below being hot, therefore warm, like a nice pair of mittens.
"How were things at the club last night?"

"Plenty to drink, but the music was no good. I guess shit was mittens."
by 122445 May 14, 2006
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Means to get hurt by a person either by there words, actions, etc
I was crushed by my crush.
by SakuraSaku October 24, 2006
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When your whole world caves in on top of you (metaphorically or physically), you can be described as being crushed.

You can be crushed by large weights, but the most painful type of 'crushing' for a man is when he is smitten with a young lady over a long period of time (a co-worker or flatmate for example), only to be rejected when he attempts to initate a relationship. Normally a man crushed in such a way will be inconsolable for a few weeks, and will probably never recover. The only way for a man to avoid being crushed in such a way is to avoid ever getting emotionally close to a woman, and as such lead a lonely but un-crushable existance.

Women, being the apostles of Satan, are not crushable in this way. But they are crushable physically.
Richard: "Poor Clinton was knocked back by Julie,"
Samuel: "Yeah, he was crushed."
by Jamie Douglas September 03, 2006
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To be higher then you have ever been before.
After smoking six bowls, i was totally crushed.
by AgAmanbear April 14, 2010
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The past tense of having a crush; the aftermath when you find out that they do not like you. Hence, why it is called a crush
I was in love with bob, but he crushed me
by Ililt March 02, 2017
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