When someone has succeeded maximally in meeting a goal, she may say that she has crushed it.
I crushed that p. chem exam!
by Cranberry Bob February 1, 2020
When your whole world caves in on top of you (metaphorically or physically), you can be described as being crushed.

You can be crushed by large weights, but the most painful type of 'crushing' for a man is when he is smitten with a young lady over a long period of time (a co-worker or flatmate for example), only to be rejected when he attempts to initate a relationship. Normally a man crushed in such a way will be inconsolable for a few weeks, and will probably never recover. The only way for a man to avoid being crushed in such a way is to avoid ever getting emotionally close to a woman, and as such lead a lonely but un-crushable existance.

Women, being the apostles of Satan, are not crushable in this way. But they are crushable physically.
Richard: "Poor Clinton was knocked back by Julie,"
Samuel: "Yeah, he was crushed."
by Jamie Douglas September 3, 2006
to devour food at a rapid speed
"damn you crushed that burger"
"im about to crush this food"
by s.michela January 23, 2010
When someone is very drunk and very high at the same time
John was so crushed at the party last night, He must have drank a case and every time I looked at him he was hitting the bowl
by Kool Mint Flava September 26, 2004
When a club, dance floor, concert, etc. is very full with people.
When the DJ finally hit the right beat, that dance floor was crushed!
by guido August 1, 2003
Crushed crush can mean someone's/you're crush

1. Dates someone else

2. You dont have a crush on that person anymore

3. That person is away or ignoring you

4. Or actually got crushed
Publeo-The person who I like is dating someone else

Sam-damn guess you got a crushed crush
Publeo-guess so
by TheWhiteDeath10 June 23, 2017