Someone with a sense of pride in their home state. Someone who, although they may not wear boots and ten gallon hats, still feels like a cowboy. A texan sticks to his word, and is generally polite and friendly, but won't take shit from anyone. Not all texans are from Texas (ie. John Wayne), and not all those from Texas are texans (ie George Bush). A texan is also a person who can use the word y'all correctly, know that phrases like "yep" or "I tell you what" are sentences in themselves, and knows what real Mexican food is. And for the record, not all Texans are conservative, and none sleep with their relatives: that's Arkansas,
guy 1: How did that guy who just save a baby from a runaway car, beat up a gang of nazi bikers, and get dates with five different nubile supermodels in 3 minutes?

guy 2: He's a texan
by Tex in Babylon May 10, 2006
someone who knows the true of meaning "hot as hell," (we fry at least on egg a year on the asphalt outside, just because we can) and likes only having two seasons a year and never having to deal with that white shit you northeners call "snow."
A texan needs no snow.
by Andira November 24, 2003
A badass who doesnt take anything from anybody.
A: Whoa, who is that guy that just beat the shit out of that northerner?
B: A Texan
by Nathan leonard January 12, 2005
guy#1: hey look at that guy... he has his jeans tucked into his ski boots and a big poofy texas longhorns jacket.

guy#2: ya...what a texan...
by cripple128 December 4, 2008
In Catalonia (north-east of Spain) blue jeans are called texans.
Quina talla de texans vols?
Which size of texans do you want?
by catalonian girl November 4, 2004
also a place where some of us may wear cowboy hats, own cattle, and say y'all and actually mean it!
all my friends are true texans, we all have horses and sometimes wear cowboy hats!
by lauren!!! (a complete texan) August 10, 2004