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noun. An emission of air or gas from a woman's vagina occuring while the woman has a yeast infection, so that the smell is more rank than usual.

verb. To emit air or gas from the vagina during a yeast infection.

Etymology: contraction of "yeast queef."
Bertha went to the bathroom to reapply her Monistat 7, but when she spread her legs, she let a nasty, thunderous yeef.
by fauxbourdon December 05, 2005
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Synonymous with "lame". Aquired by a person of the same name. Normally found spouting mindless lyrics or babble. Never amusing, but always think they are.
"Will you just shut up, you're not even being funny. You seem like another Yeef."
by Yeefy May 04, 2005
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When you have beef with someone and you yeet something at them.
Gabi’s gonna yeef somethin at Peter after school
by Maytea April 13, 2018
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an exclimation anounced to forwarn people in the area of a particularly rancid stenchington about to hit you hard in the face. (usualy expressed via the oposing end of the digestive system.)

Also a non sensicle word used by Bored men in the east middlands to state a moment of pent up energy.
(ffffuffft)-*finger pointing upwards*-"yeef!"
by Von Crapeth March 22, 2007
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