A mis-spelling of the word acquired.
I cannot spell for shit and found out that I misspelled acquired as aquired and wondered why my database columns were not matching up.
by BladeMcCool August 7, 2007
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Used as a euphemism for pirated, or obtained illegitimately.
Guy #1: Hey I just got the new Muse album
Guy #2: Where'd you buy it?
Guy #3: Don't be stupid, guy #1's such a cheapass he doesn't buy anything, I'll bet he aquired it.
by Aquisitor October 31, 2005
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A fancy/polite way of saying something taste like shit and is nasty or gross.
Person at restraunt"my this Feta chese salad has an aquired taste"
aposed to saying "man this Feta chese taste like shit"
by Cubany March 18, 2011
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A christian concert that awakens the inner faith of American youth. Guest speaker and amazing bands such as Casting Crowns and Unhindered are the main events. Wonderful skits are preformed also. Usually a 27 hour journey, but there is an 'Aqurie The Fire Retreat' that lasts a whole week likewise.
Boy: Hey, why did you turn down my date?
Girl: I was at Aquire The Fire last weekend.
Boy: Maybe this Friday?
Girl: Sure, as long as you quit asking me to have sex with you.

Boy: Why? Did this concert change your mind?!
Girl: Yes, it did. I'm coming clean.
Boy: Then we're through.
by Renewed4eva April 11, 2011
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Aquire the Fire (or ATF) is a scheme to dupe teens and their parents out of money by hosting stadium events across the country. It's touted as part G-rated Woodstock (complete with third rate Christian rock bands), and part educational empowerment seminar for youth. Tickets range from $50-$100. However, they are held over 3 days in major cities, so each group attending has to make arrangements for transportation, food, and lodging, sending the cost per attendee over $150. The events are packed with countless merchandise booths selling accessories for the modern Christian teen, $7 bracelets, $13 dollar WWJD necklaces, and $25 hoodies featuring the ATF logo. Not to mention high priced study bibles and super expensive teaching modules for youth leaders.

The events themselves are designed to whip teens up into a frenzy with loud music, pyrotechnics, and light displays. The youth are told that there is a war going on for their minds, that media and culture are trying to get them hooked on drugs and sex. Then leader Ron Luce challenges them to be spiritual warriors and stand up against corporate indoctrination, while his minions rake in money from concessions, tickets, merchandise, and donations all from the pockets of teens. Mission trips and leadership camps, both offered by Ron Luce, for a price. Mission trips are thousands of dollars, with the teen having to raise the money. And former attendees of the Honor Academy, describe a cult like level of control and indoctrination.
"Aquire the Fire is coming to town, wanna go?"
"Oh God no!"
by Xenophil October 5, 2012
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a fear that is believed to have come from a past life or lives possibly based off of major events or experiences having taken place in said life or lives
I'm so afriad of sharks. It must be an aquired fear.
by colleen claire November 19, 2007
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Something you eat/drink for status such as French wine. No one actually likes it, as much as they say it's good.
During a social gathering, one leans over and whispers into friend's ear, "What's with this nasty-ass wine/rotten cheese?". Friend replys, "It has an aquired taste."
by fireishotouch March 3, 2009
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