Pretty much slag development year, the year where the innocent ones turn into sluts. Barely anyone leaves with their virginity , abit like Ibiza but less exciting.
Matt: have you seen Helen, she's such a slag!

Megan: yup, she must have experienced year 9
by Scotlandforlife March 20, 2017
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year 9’s think they are the best because they’re not lower school anymore and give nasty looks. Also have the most chavs in their year.
“I walked past s as year 9 and she gave me the nastiest look, who tf does she think she is with those eyebrows
by uzzywrld November 2, 2019
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Year 9 third year of secondary education. Year 9 has the hardest girls, the biggest slags and funniest boys, the y9’s have a lot of fights. The y9’s don’t care about there work and lessons they act like they own the school and fights anyone who gets in there way
Everyone running towards a crowd*
Y11’s - “wow these year 9 have so much fights
by Baliss72772 July 15, 2019
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13-14 year old Little kids that think they can do what they like just because they’re in the top of lower school.
They’re all slags and the year 11s will try and get with em because they know they will do whatever the say.

Last year you can mess around and do whatever before you go through two stressful years.
Year 11: are you getting with that year 9 girl
Year 11 2: yup she’s proper fit and she does whatever I tell her
by Whateverulikeuno July 22, 2018
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Oh no,you have reached year nine. Better hold on to your virginity because it wont last the October halloween parties. Your makeup skills got worse than last year and you are getting fake tans and nails done every week. They start sucking year 11s cocks and having sex every week. If you sit near one,listen into their convos for the sweet gossip
"Yo did you see the Year 9"
"Yeah one of them sucked me off"
by Biscuitnumpty October 6, 2019
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Year 9s are the retards of the school. They’ve started to think with their penis and get attracted to their dogs ass. They think that just because they’ve grown 2 extra pubes this year and 1 inch got added to their height, they can take the piss out of younger years, even though they still get violated by Year 10s and Year 11s. Year 9s are still new to "showering", so you will find that their hair is more greasier then the schools pizza. When Year 9s become Year 10 they will have matured enough to know that it’s time to take the piss out of the new set of Year 9s and have showers frequently.
Person One: This is getting ridiculous, I haven’t had a shower in 3 weeks because of this water pipe problem.
Person Two: You must be a Year 9 then. *laughs*
by Mr Batchelor December 1, 2019
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Year 9 - A year where everyone looses their virginity. No one gives a f*ck about school until they have to choose their options, they say they care but all they do in lessons is waffle and go on their phones.
Joshua - ‘What was your best year?’

Ryan - ‘Defo year 9 mate’
by mataylor.1 January 31, 2020
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