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A man who knows what he wants, and will do almost anything to get it. He fears nothing.His heart is beautiful, and only very few people have touched it. But he touches the hearts of many, and doesn't even know it. His face is as beautiful and wonderful as his personality. The way his eyes light up when he smiles, could make your heart stop. Everyone that meets him will leave with a smile; he can make anyone laugh. He can be a bit sarcastic and stubborn, but it only makes him human. He cares for the people in his life, and doesn't care for others options. His weirdness is what makes him special, and that's why people love him. He can be hard to understand and few people try. Being smart is an understatement, genius would be a better word. He enjoys tinkering with things, trying to figure out how they work. He kicks ass in video games and likes a to play some football now and then. He stands up for whats right and will make his point clear. Every girl who finds him wants him for herself. But he's picky and only chooses the ones who make him truly happy and matches his weirdness. He's very independent and likes a girl who can fend for herself. He likes to take his time in a relationship and make the girl feel special. When he falls in love, he stays in love. Once he's in a relationship, he stays committed to his girlfriend. Turns his head as he walks by Victoria Secret, and stares right into his girlfriends eyes. He's what every man should be, but he's one of a kind..
Girl 1: "aww you and Joshua are so cute together."

Girlfriend: "yeah I know. He's awesome."
Girl 2: "I wish I had a relationship like yours" (sad face)
by BluMoon January 27, 2013
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Joshua is a guy who has a lot more to himself than you think. He isn't shy but isnt really outgoing. He'd much rather be at home, alone, then at school facing all the work and challenge it brings. He goes to school anyways to see his friends, whom he trusts with most of his secrets and untold emotions. He respects those that he feels deserve his respect and when it comes to what he believes in, nothing can change his mind. He is wise, very wise. He gives the best advice and tries his best to understand you. He is the cutest thing you will ever lay your eyes on. His personality is different. He can be mean but can also be the sweetest in the world. He is loyal, trustworthy, kind, caring, loving, honest, and everything good in a person you could find. He has the biggest heart and a brave soul. He is everything a girl could dream of packed into one person. He's also incredibly funny and has real skills when it comes to video games. He is the most amazing person you will ever meet and one you will never forget. He will change your life and change it for the better.
My boyfriend, Joshua, is everything I've ever wanted in a guy and more.
by JEA5674 September 13, 2011
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Joshua is a very caring and sweet indivuial. He has many amazing features. His eyes, smile and his looks of course. He has a very sweet personality and is the funniest guy in the world ! He is caring towards other and is a bit crazy !
Joshua is so nice.
I love you so much Joshua.
Be mine forever Joshua.
by My_Name_Shall_Not_Be_Told February 07, 2012
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Joshua is a sexy, masculine individual exuding the most desirable of traits. Although Joshua may be timid at first, his genuine and compassionate charm shine through above all things. He can be trusted with any secret and will always pull through even when the going gets tough. His understanding and supportive nature can put anyone at ease as he is never judgmental but rather always willing to listen with an open mind. He is the epitome of a true man.A guy who is like a book. You can not judge a book by it's cover, looks can decieve. But not with Joshua, he is attractive but his personality is absolutely stunning and unique. You'll find yourself lost with a Joshua. He treats girls with the upmost respect. He is truthful but he will also lie no one is perfect.A good friend he is, he will be open and be there for you till the very end. He is a friend to keep, and a guy to love.The most amazing guy you will ever meet. He can be sweet and sensitive and overprotective all at once. He fights for what he believes in, and will never back down if he feels that the one he cares for is in danger.He is human unlike what most guys want you to believe. He is a hard worker by nature, but he never has to work very hard to make his girlfriend smile. He loves those people in his heart like there is no tomorrow. He can be spontaneous, but he prefers to ask your preference before doing anything that could possibly be upsetting or taken the wrong way, he is the ultimate man!
Girl 1: Are you still with Joshua

Girlfriend of Joshua: Duhhhhh!!!
by The man75787886787 January 25, 2014
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A sweet funny guy that you'll want to spend the rest of your life with, who also brings out your naughty side. He's adorable, cute, and amazing. Life has no meaning without him. If you ever find a Joshua and you fall in love, he will stay with you no matter how bad things get. He loves making you smile and he loves how much you love him. Once you get your Joshua, you'll never want to let him go. You'll be together forever. I know I'll be with my Joshua forever <3
Girl 1: Are you and that Josh kid still together?

Girl 2: OF COURSE!! I love him

Joshua: I love you more!

Girl 1: You guys are gay.
by Joshua_lover December 13, 2010
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Joshua's are metal loving men who have rock'n bodies and are SUPER sweet. Joshua's are also extremely lovable and treat their girlfriends like princesses.
Pretty much the best guy you will ever met
Girl1: My boyfriend took me on a date yesterday for no reason other than he wanted to!
Girl2: Damn girl! Sounds like you scored yourself a Joshua!
by joshlover94 July 02, 2012
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Great, amazing guy. Loving and sweet. Loves telling his girlfriend how much he loves her. Is shy at first, but when you get to know him, he'll open like a book. He's very sexy and girls stare at him all the time. He thinks other girls are cute, but stays strongly committed to his girlfriend. He is very funny and loves comedy and standup. Loves watching football games and being with the guys but never over being with his girlfriend. He has amazing eyes and will break your heart when he cries. Very sentimental and emotional. Very very very easy to love. Once you get him, you'll never want to lose him.
That guy is totally a Joshua!! I have to have him!!!!
by Liz17 October 02, 2010
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