1. An child (possibly 9 years old) that screams into his mic and calls the person who killed him a "hacker" when playing a online multiplayer game (i.e. Fortnite)
2. A child (possibly 9 years old) that plays a online mulitplayer game (i.e. Fortnite) and is salty the whole time.
3. A child (possibly 9 years old) that is a brat on the internet/social media.
Kid: You are a hacker! Imma ban you for hacking! My dad owns (insert developer/company of game) and he can ban you!
More mature person: Aw man, I am playing with a cringey 9 year old.
by Other_Person February 9, 2020
kid: omg nazi germany was so good

me: what a edgy 9 years old
by aedrdiediej February 10, 2021
A subscriber to PewDiePie that is part of the 9 year old army.

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by TGAYYYYYYYY January 9, 2019
litteraly an idiot slender in roblox mm2 saying this
idiot slender: BUHAHAHA 9 YEAR OLD man: ok and? idiot slender: triggers
by amongusarkin October 19, 2021
It means a kid who is bad at pvp and always swear when they rage.
Kid: Oh fuck! You fuck ur mom! 09P!
09P: lmao, are you 9 years old?
Kid: stfu! U scroob!
09P: I swears like u when I’m a 9 years old kid
by His mom is too gay for me December 31, 2019
you're probably going through puberty right now I know you won't want to have the talk or have your period
I'm 9 too
9 year old girl

mom: your boobs are growing

jess: I know

mom: you're going through puberty we're gonna talk now
jess: noooooo

mom: so, you are a 9 year

old girl you are going through puberty
by ayyycatsarecool August 16, 2022
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Retarded 9 Year Old
by Retaded9YearOld March 14, 2010