Billy:"Mommy, mommy, I'm a 9 year old now so I can play fortnite!"
Mom: " You're a disappointment and I hope you get aids."
by ReloadzzRenegade October 17, 2019
Annoying little shits that act like they’re 5. They are too young to do things, but old enough to make right decisions
15 year old: “Yo bro that kid is trying to fit in with us.’’
17 year old: Who? The 9 year old?
15 year old: Yeah
15 and 17 year olds: AAAAAHH!!
by Pseudohan January 30, 2020
a child who is 9 years old.
my son is a 9 year old
by Fauxnym December 3, 2021
A special kind of specimen who specifically devote their lives to following a certain god known as Pewdiepie. As part of their cult, you must spam other channels with cringey comments carrying their lord’s message and also supporting Pewdiepie through thick and thin.
Person 1- Hey, do you watch Pewdiepie?

Person 2-Hell yeah I do, I’m part of the 9 year old army
by TankBeatsEverything September 8, 2018
Members of pewdiepie's fanbase: also known as bros.
Person 1: Hey are you a part of the 9 year old army
Person 2: No
Person 1: Subscribe to pewdiepie
by Zetoma December 6, 2018
The traditional army of Pewdiepie, our lord and saviour. As soon as one of the 9 year olds turn ten they go straight to Ali A. The 9 Year Old Army is sworn to defend their king against the armies of the evil corporate entity; T-Series. As of the publishing of this definition, the 9 year old army has approximately 88,393,093,230 troops.
I am a sworn member of the 9 Year Old Army
by TheKomodo2019 March 8, 2019
Subscribe to Pewdiepie plz we are all 9 if your 10 you´re actually 9 and 1 bonus year.
by TheBoiSavage February 6, 2019