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A unisex Igbo name, that also has Hawaiian origin. It means "Good thing".
Iheoma likes to participate in sports.
by uzzywrld July 17, 2021
year 9’s think they are the best because they’re not lower school anymore and give nasty looks. Also have the most chavs in their year.
“I walked past s as year 9 and she gave me the nastiest look, who tf does she think she is with those eyebrows
by uzzywrld November 2, 2019
a smart, girl that is likes to stay out of trouble although she like to watch the odd scrap up. Resilient, words don’t hurt her and she really likes food.
Uzoma said that we should probably go home before we get told off also cah she hungry af
by uzzywrld October 29, 2020