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Students in Year 11 are in their final year in secondary school. Some schools have sixth form so some year 11's will stay until they're 18
Year 11's have to work their asses off. With exams, gcses and other stressful crap. Some year 11's are really cocky because they're the top of the school, whilst other year 11's are chill and just enjoy their last year in secondary school.
Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 look up to year 11's as they must set an example to the rest of the school.
Year 11's are known for picking on the younger years (year 7 and 8) and smoking during school.
Example 1:

Year 11 dude1: Fancy a fag m8?

Year 11 dude2: Sure, lets do it behind that tree over there
Example 2:

Year 11: Awh m8 look at those puny lil kids walking around like they own the joint.
Year 11#2: Yea dude, the younger years piss me off. They're too small and cocky. Grow up you lil rats!
by CJP0133 July 23, 2017
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The last year at high school in England. When you're in year 11 you are pretty much the shit. Though that's the year of your most important exams, prom and other stressy bullshit. If you're smart and attractive year 11 will be your best year, but if you're not then it won't be your best...
Year 7: Dude I can't wait to be in year 11!

Year 8: Nah it looks shit man, luvin lyf now m8!!!!!
by fdkjvjgvufgedvhneklrnflhgkjfgi September 24, 2011
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Year 11
15 - 16 year old finishing their final year of secondary school in England

year 7, year 8, year 9 & year 10 look up to them and envy them for their looks, personality & popularity.
they are starting there GCSE exams and stress at the same-time

For their final year the get their friends to sign their yearbook and get to go to their proms.
girl: I Can't Wait To Start Year 11

boy: Well Im Not Im Going To Be Stress Because of All Them Exam
by In My Own World... August 27, 2009
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