Year 9s are the retards of the school. They’ve started to think with their penis and get attracted to their dogs ass. They think that just because they’ve grown 2 extra pubes this year and 1 inch got added to their height, they can take the piss out of younger years, even though they still get violated by Year 10s and Year 11s. Year 9s are still new to "showering", so you will find that their hair is more greasier then the schools pizza. When Year 9s become Year 10 they will have matured enough to know that it’s time to take the piss out of the new set of Year 9s and have showers frequently.
Person One: This is getting ridiculous, I haven’t had a shower in 3 weeks because of this water pipe problem.
Person Two: You must be a Year 9 then. *laughs*
by Mr Batchelor December 1, 2019
Year 9 girls are mostly orange asf and they think they’re sexy because they probably sucked someone off in a park.The year 9 boys think they’re hard but in reality they all get laughed at by the year 10’s and 11’s.Some of them are alright tho especially the one nice kid that’s the plug🔌Year 9 is a year of trashy development to sum shit up
Oh look at that orange chav you can tell she’s from year 9
Oh yeah you can
Year 9’s when you think you can become hobby with everyone
by Pablo Mario Peppa December 15, 2019
It is what soldiers of the Pewdiepie army are called. They were previously called as Bros, Sisters, Sister Sqaud, Squad and are now 9 year olds. True 9 year olds are those who did their part, such as Mr.Beast. Do your part, and subscribe to pewdiepie
The 9 year olds pledge their loyalty to the Lord Pewdiepie.

The 9 year olds suffered casualties in the T Series war

My friend Imag Ayman enrolled in elementary school to become a 9 year Old
by Brief Velkoz December 5, 2018
If it's a 9-year-old, it's subscribed to PewDiePie.
I've got 9-year-olds of worlds so hold your defecation.
by SociopathicDuck January 1, 2019
What Pewdiepie calls his fans.

PewDiePie uploaded a reaction video, Alinity made a response video (I can’t call it an apology video just because), and that video was reviewed by PewDiePie. Alinity mentions PewDiePie having 9-Year Olds as his fanbase.
Alex: Hey, Cam. I've you calling your friends' 9-year old.
Cam: yeah.
Alex: What's that supposed to mean?
Cam: It means that you aren't one, even tho you should be. subscribe to pewdiepie
by Gllllow January 14, 2019
Fans/subscribers of Pewdiepie
Anyone who watches Pewdiepie, regardless of their age, is referred to as a 9-year-old.
"I love my 9-year-olds!" -Pewdiepie
"If you're subscribed, you're an actual 9-year-old."
by RealGodsSub2Pewdpiepie February 8, 2019