A water pipe is a Tobacco Pipe that uses water as a filter. the term is often used in head shops because it is a product that can be legally used as a tobacco smoking device.
customer: "can I see that bong?"
clerk: "that's a water pipe."
Customer: "isn't that the same thing?"
clerk: "... I cant talk about it..."
by Sko56 April 29, 2006
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The act of pissing in a condom or ejaculating into a condom so many times you fill it up. Later then freezing it and ripping the condom so it can be used as a dildo.
Hey rick come help me fill the ALASKAN WATER PIPE up.
by Weird ideas proven September 5, 2019
When you shove a 5-ft water pipe partially up the vagina, then piss in the pipe to where it reaches the vagina. Once that is done, the pipe is pulled out of the vagina, and the leftover urine will spill on the bed (or wherever you do it ). The girl then rolls in the urine, and the guy squirts a whole can of Reddi Wip over her whole body and licks the Reddi Wip and the pee resedue. The guy then vomits it into the girl's mouth, and a day later, the girl (with the shit that is made up of the vomit) shits in the guy's ass and penetrates it with the water pipe.
You've gotta be devoted to do an Oklahoma Water Pipe.
by lil pulp December 7, 2017
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Whiskey and tonic, prepared in the same ratio as a gin and tonic.
Would you like a glass of rusty pipe water?
by MrJuly October 11, 2011
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Havin rough hard sex with your plumbing and pipes.
Tony what are you doing..? Im just water piping my sink.
by SackFondelation223 August 1, 2021
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