boi#1: oh hey did u study for the art test we're gonna have today?
boi#2: defo not! lemme go to the bathroom and perform a satanic ritual for bob ross brb
by maya rangerover March 07, 2020
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a shortening of definitely for use when responding in agreement enthusiastically and for sake of not using the enitire word. Works wonderfully avec FAB.
Scoop: LOOP day 2moro??
Lou: o DEFO that will be FAB!
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1."defo" is a slang term used for Deforest which is a small village just north of Madison,Wisconsin. Mainly used by people from Deforest or someone else in the area in reference to Deforest. area where alcoholics and drug addicts are from
Ah, no shit man, you're from defo? What year did you graduate?

That guy is super faded, he must be from defo!

Damn Bryan you're fucked up like defo stats son!
by stuba587 April 14, 2010
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The act of having a midnight dalliance with a professional football player
Danielle lloyd has been defoed once again
by dariamorgandorfer January 11, 2011
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