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Shut up, relax, calm dowm
Boy: Hey girl, can I get to know you? Can we hook up or somethin'? I want you bad, ma.
Girl: Fool, chill out, I got a man!
by *~RaeRae~* June 22, 2005
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A form of modern, relaxed, electronically enhanced lounge music. "Chillout" music is sometimes referred to as acid jazz. It originated in the lounge scenes of major cities such as New York and Paris. First gaining its popularity amongst young, rich, often intellectual urbanites, it has begun to grow in popularity and spread on a wide scale. The genre includes a wide range of electronic interpretations of traditional music types such as jazz, bossanova and easy listening.

The growing popularity of chillout music is slowly widening the influence of lounge scenes across the United States and abroad.
I got the new chillout CD from Sharper Image today!

Hey, you guys want to go to the hookah bar, I hear they're having a chillout night.
by Michael Nelson July 09, 2006
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Two friends sometimes meet up to chill out and watch a movie.

A: You know why God is a man?

B: Because if God was a woman she would have made milk taste like chocolate.
by quan cao tien August 18, 2010
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"Chill out" originated on the east coast, NYC specifically and was a term used by heroin addicts who were going through heroin withdrawals. One of the many symptoms of heroin withdrawal is getting the chills and fellow junkies as a way to say see you later would tell each other to "chill out" meaning stay well, don't get sick or don't go into withdrawals from not having heroin.

See also "Dope Sick"
"I'm sick man, you got anything, I need something?" "No, I got nothing, chill out."
by FlatEar Mick January 29, 2019
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