1. Short for, Saint Mary's College of Maryland
2. The bad ass school on the river. We grow pot, we smoke pot, we eat pot, we live pot. Mardigreens and Hallowgreens are regularly used terms. If you've "lost it" your shoes WILL be hanging from a tree. On your birthday expect to get ponded. Buy your booze at Cooks and party hard at Monks or The Green Door. Public Safety officers are our best friends, especially when they are chasing us from The Point. We flock to the Keys for spring break and, when we return, we ride around naked on bicycles. We live in Rough House, Snow Hill, Rubbleheap, and Mt. Pleasant. Our hippies have perfected the art that is frisbee golf. On Easter we hunt for Natty Bo...not eggs. Say hello to Sunshine and Cowboy and then pop your collar bitches....you're in St Mary's.
3. And we have a climbing wall.
Q: "Oh, so you go to Mount St. Mary's?"
A: "Dude, no way! I go to St. Mary's. On the river."
by sparkplug March 24, 2005
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When you wake up to sirens and helicopters don't worry the bomb squad has taken car of the light fixtures.
Q: Why was World Carnival cancelled?
A: Because the groundskeeps found a fallen lighting fixture and mistaked it for a pipe bomb!!
by Ian, Sarah, and Bridgin April 18, 2005
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no matter what anybody tells you, a popped collar on this campus means you are a tool. yes, a tool.

get used to ducking and/or getting hit with discs on a regular basis, saying hi to gus and gertie, waking up to enigmatic chalk messages all over campus, hearing phish or o.a.r. or some other jam band shit blasting out of windows everywhere you go, and getting mud on every pair of shoes you own.
Q: haven't you heard of st. mary's? we're the top public honors college in the country!

A: dude, there are only two.
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St. Mary´s College of Maryland. A small liberal arts college in southern Maryland located on the St. Mary´s River. The population is generally liberal and into the outdoors. Students at the college can be found in their natural environment partying outside around a bonfire. These fires can be had either at the Point, a point on the other side of the graveyard or in North Woods, the woods just north of campus. There is a swamp called Vietnam that is a favorite hang out of some students.

There are students with popped collars but they are not well accepted by the generally student body and are generally seen as a sub par group of human beings. There are pop collared folks who are all right but generally this doesn´t fly.

The college has a strong devotion to the water front...the docks or the river are the place to be. The environment of St. Mary´s is extremely relaxed and it is often called Camp St. Mary´s. We have an annual card board boat race and an annual naked bike ride. Both are horridly important to the wellbeing of the students.

Its a great place to study, live and hang out, but remember a popped collar is not the embodiment of the college.

Bathing is option. Clothing is optional. The river is essential.
Girl...Hey man lets head to the waterfront.

Guy...Hold on, I´m trying to find some Boh.

St Mary's ...babes on boats with boh.
by the bend in the river April 6, 2010
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St. Mary's College aka SMC aka Summer Camp for big kids. Commonly confused with Mount St. Mary's, but everyone knows we are so much cooler than them. We get to spend our lazy days skipping classes and hanging out down by the river. Pot is at the top of the food pyramid right next to alcohol. Regular attire is a polo, with the collar popped of course! Pleasant, Monks, the point and the Door are always fun spots to chill (watch out for the townies at the bars tho) If its your birthday you better stay clear of the pond. Once you come here you never want to leave. So pop your collar, grab a beer and head down to the docks!!!
common things you will hear screamed across campus....TOOL, GARBAGE, SHITSTACK, WEDGE!!
by smallz April 26, 2005
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Private school in Winnipeg.Mb.Can
open sens 1889
i attend St-Mary's Academy
by j April 4, 2005
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St.Mary's College of Maryland is a competitive small liberal arts college in Southern Maryland on the St.Mary's river which leads into the Chesapeake. It's a very liberal, some-what hippie/boho type school and is known for small-classes, great professors, and the scenery.
I love St. Mary's College of Maryland, I miss going kayaking and sunbathing at The Point.
by student at SMCM May 23, 2006
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