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Really good weed money can buy.
Cest for your stress, dub sacks & OZ's.
by ganjaqueen November 29, 2004
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Abbrevation for central european standard time with time offset +2, usually used in conversations between persons over long distance, when both are in different time zones.
A: Hey, when does that MLG match start?
B: At 5 pm CEST
A: Oh, that's too bad, I am sleeping at this time
by BoltKey October 22, 2013
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A cest is a person who participates in redneck activities such as mudding and has a confederate flag. They also probably voted for Donald Trump.
What a fucking cest. She bought a confederate flag and put it on her car.

That's such a cest thing to do! Of course she had sex with her bestfriend's boyfriend!
by alanandiocha July 24, 2016
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To have the same genes, and love eachother

Incest and Selfcest.
Dude is it bad that I love my sister? Like, not in a, uhm.... caring way?

Isn't that incest?
by sucksomeducks October 24, 2017
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