Really good weed money can buy.
Cest for your stress, dub sacks & OZ's.
by ganjaqueen November 30, 2004
To have the same genes, and love eachother

Incest and Selfcest.
Dude is it bad that I love my sister? Like, not in a, uhm.... caring way?

Isn't that incest?
by sucksomeducks October 25, 2017
Abbrevation for central european standard time with time offset +2, usually used in conversations between persons over long distance, when both are in different time zones.
A: Hey, when does that MLG match start?
B: At 5 pm CEST
A: Oh, that's too bad, I am sleeping at this time
by BoltKey October 22, 2013
This suffix is added to the surnames of any incestuous shipping pair.

E.g. "Pinecest" is the usual name to shipping Dipper and Mable Pines from "Gravity Falls".
I'm not a huge fan of "The Loud House" but I do enjoy all the Loudcest fanart.

Um...-cest. Yeah it's a bound morpheme, guys; it's hard to demonstrate in a sentence.
by ApricotFields July 24, 2020
A cest is a person who participates in redneck activities such as mudding and has a confederate flag. They also probably voted for Donald Trump.
What a fucking cest. She bought a confederate flag and put it on her car.

That's such a cest thing to do! Of course she had sex with her bestfriend's boyfriend!
by alanandiocha March 16, 2016
(n) frend' sest
To "fool around" with a person or number of people who is/are part of the closely-knit group of friends one has in his/her life. This act is often seen as a taboo, as it is prone to adding a negatively dramatic twist in the social lives of the interrelated people in said socially interacting group.

adj: friend-cestuous
"Holy crap, John had friend-cest with Jenny!"
"OMG!@! what a bitch!"
"Let's hate them!"
by Nate Yetton January 8, 2006
The act of dating or fraternizing within ones academic MBA program, with other members of said program.
It is not recommended to partake in MBA-cest, as it can hinder ones relationships in the academic community.

by chickygirl February 11, 2009