dred, bare random brers who i don't know are here

that guy is one loony brer

hes my brer

thats one stupid brer ova dere
by Dux00rs October 30, 2004
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A dude/guy yes of the male sex!!
I like a brer who respects me n is BUFF!!;)
by 3da aka Dejavu June 5, 2004
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(ប្រេីពូក) Literally translates to 'use mattress'.

Khmer slang for prone masturbation-- where a male masturbates by rubbing his dick on his bed.

Due to the abundance of body pillows in Khmer homes, most young boys bust their first nuts by Brer Puk, but sooner or later they switch to Brer Dai ('use hand'), or fapping.
'Vatana plans to Brer Puk tonight, let's not disturb him."
by ZeaPotatorath November 29, 2019
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Hot sexy big dog indian curry muncher who likes working with technology is a mad cool boy for ist and works hard in gardeing... seriously enjoys the presence of yarn farm and likes watching fortnite 1v1 buildfights...
by bro u look like a kala March 14, 2021
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An idiot! Phonetically pronounced 'buh kunt' Sometimes used as a term of affection between friends, but generally used as a derogatory term to describe a subversive, insensitive jackass/moron who says and acts out anything he or she thinks or hears. A tard...
That American comedian is such a brer cunt! Always with the handicapped jokes, someone should say something
by pranavore June 15, 2011
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A minimum wage brer is a similar to the terms wasteman and any-guy. Basically a General Loser.
Jasdeep: "Oi, Salim. What was the Quantum Physics Homework?"
Salim: "Bruv, your some Minimum Wage Brer."
by Rouny September 17, 2006
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a group of hard men who will destroy anyone we are like a pack, wayyy mon the brers.
wayyy mon the brers!
by Bloody Vcgina July 17, 2020
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