a Betchel era word used to express disapproval of.
Frank: no , I cant hang out tonight, Lauren is coming over.
Me: yart
by wallpaperkilla August 17, 2009
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a yard party. Typically a day party, but could occur at night. Certainly always outdoors.

Synonyms include: dayger, darty.
Are you going to Natalie's yart on Saturday?
by CanCandy April 04, 2019
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(verb) Emitting flatulents from the anus, while yelling simultaneously.
Suddenly, the movie was interrupted when someone in the audience let out an abrupt yart.
via giphy
by YungChuck September 20, 2019
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Something unpleasant/ugly to my eyes. For example the Kardashians before plastic surgery. Yart is usually used to describe animals sometimes even human
Theres so many yarts around my hog is getting a rash
by Charito January 17, 2019
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1) use this word after someone says something completely lame
2) use this word to fill in the dead, silent moments

note: one can hold the "aaaarrrr" out longer to make meaning more intense
Janelle: ...and then i, like, totally, got my dog drunk! it was like, so funny! and then, when he came home..
You: Yart.
by Muncie What? March 05, 2004
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A person who doesn’t look like a ding ding ding!!!
Your such a yart why don’t you just stay home so we don’t have to look at you. I swear to fucking god I see another yart and I will bite my hog off.
by Detectivechar January 16, 2019
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I won't go back to that yoga class because last time I went, I yarted and everyone heard it.
by writingpat June 11, 2017
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