Having to do with or relating to marijuana and all things similar to it. Can be used in numerous parts of speech.
verb: "Yo, when are we gonna yart?"

"We were yarting on the beach."

"I yarted with Bob."

noun: "Give me my yart back!"

"Where did you get this yart?"

"The yart is in the bag."

adjective: "I just ate a yart brownie."

"That yart cookie fucked me up."

"Bring weed, we're having a yarty."
by yabbydaddy February 24, 2018
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Another word for party. Can be both a noun and a verb.
Let’s throw a yart with all the homies.

Let’s yart
by jags2 June 04, 2021
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Lades term for party, rager, or large gathering. Comes from "yard party," but has evolved to mean any non-kickback function.
There's a yart at my place tonight, hella people pulling up.
by XFADEDONKEY May 02, 2021
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it is when u yeet something but it does not come out right
by me mo moo June 10, 2020
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Yart is the act of pointing out the person who farted or taking ownership of the fart.
Look at that group over there, they are pointing their fingers at the one guy in blue and holding their noses. Oh yah I see it, classic yart.
by Novice9 April 18, 2021
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Yelling and sharting at the same time it's very weird but it's the urban dictionary so what did you think was going to be on here? Puppies no communism yes! Spread communism comrades so that you don't yart it's embarrassing so to stop it spread communism
Dude yesterday I yarted in public and ideas so loud but it hurt so I don't ever want to yart agian
via giphy
by Communism for you and me August 19, 2019
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