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A slang term used for unruly children.
Omagawd! Here comes the neighbor's yard apes!!
by BruinKiller3469 March 29, 2009
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selfish idiots in my neighborhood who think that they don't need to wear a mask because the rest of us do
A maskhole jogged right past me in the park today
by Bethinslope May 11, 2020
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Another word to describe a black child or in other words a (nigglet) they always hang out with their fried chicken eating kool-aid drinking and 40 stealing porch monkey parent/s.
porch monkey:Hey boy git ovea here and get this KFC i bought with da welfare check

yard ape :I dont want KFC i want kool-aid

porch monkey: Boy you betta git yo all ovea here before i whoup yo ass wit da 40.
by toasted skitts January 30, 2009
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1. a lazy black person that chills in his yard drinking purple drank and smoking blunts all day
2. a Lambda Chi Alpha associate member from Bucknell who chills in his yard drinking purple drank and smoking blunts all day
Dude, did you hear all that yelling last night?
Yeah, man, that was Yardape pounding his primate chest!
by Speeeeeeeeeeeee November 09, 2008
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little black children also referred to as nigglets
The parents were called porch monkeys, the younger ones were called yard apes.
by Lauuureennn March 08, 2008
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children, redneck lingo, sometimes used before the word "kids"
And I gotta feed them yardape kids.
by Frank Booth January 03, 2005
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A rather ornrey nigga, often fat with big nose holes.
"My god Honey, I think I have spotted a yard-ape. He looks rabbid." said the old brittish wanker.
by Jack Meoffe November 24, 2008
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