A commonly misunderstood word. Pretty much anything can be tactical provided you are using it in a tactical application.

A word used by firearm, cutlery, ammo, or clothes manufacturers to make their products more appealing. The advertisement for said “tactical” products usually includes pictures of the armed forces, fire, explosions, people dressed up like SWAT members, and American flags

These tactical products tend to cost a lot more than regular products and usually offer nothing other than tacky looks. Usually the guns are black and have folding stocks. Blades tend to be menacing looking. Usually they will have large serrations, an awkward grind , and most likely painted black or camo.
Idiot: Look I just bought this new knife. The Nocturnal Special-Ops US Marine SAS Killer.

Me: What do you plan to use it for?

Idiot: Everyday tactical carry.

Me: Good luck trying to convince a jury you weren’t planning to hurt anyone when you decided to star carrying that.
by J.M.u....h May 31, 2009
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Short for Tactical Vomit, the precautionary measure of making oneself puke mid-way through a night of heavy drinking to ensure that you don't pass out early. Very useful for light-weights.
Normally, I'd be shit-faced by now, but I did a quick tactical before we left.
by Will_A August 16, 2005
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The threat or action of doing bodily harm to someone, usually with bare hands.
Dude, you'd best get outta my grill before I go tactical on 'yo ass.
by Cletus January 13, 2004
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To overcome a sticky situation using un-orthodox and sometimes extreme techniques.( This term only for use in central california )
That kid was pulling tactics when he broke into the police confiscation storage facility and made off with a grip of yayo!
by JOSH November 12, 2003
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Word frequently used by some policemen who lack communication & people-skills and are more concerned with having cool police-gear than with actually doing good old-fashioned police work.

Tactical can also relate/refer to anything with more emphasis on equipment, weapons, defensive-training, & Officer-Safety than on getting out there in the street, knocking on doors, talking to the community, and getting the job done.
"Why's Detective Florentine standing so close and taking notes while interviewing that gang-banger? Dude, that's not tactical."
by goodcop8 November 24, 2007
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The renowned Counter-strike play performed by the equally stunning rR clan. Fearsome and relentless, merciless and frustrating, these skills of play will haunt those who play rR forever.
rR: "Tactics time!"
Some random clan: "Oh noes! Not that again! Anything but that!"
Final Score: rR 209 : Some other clan 2

rR: "Tactics are to be feared."
by Ladholyman May 09, 2005
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